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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Rose Valley Cappadocia

Rose Tinted Valley

Gorgeous Göreme

Today is quintessential Cappadocia from colourful balloons to rose-tinted valley, appropriately called Rose Valley.  If you have come here straight from Istanbul you will be blown way from complete chaos to sheer silence. 

With tears we come to the last post on Cappadocia, the last of the Top 9 Sights near Göreme. You see Rose Valley from the distance everywhere – from Göreme, Sunset Point, even your hotel. Today we are going for a closer look. We recommend late afternoon to get nicer lighting. Also it will be very hot with little shade during midday during the summer.

Balloons for Breakfast

Balloons Over Cappadocia

Today was sunny and warm: I’m guessing ca. 20°C. We finally saw many hot air balloons this morning – about seven of them. We also saw a couple of late afternoon flights as well. I took the mandatory photos. 


Closing in on Çavuşin
On the highway to Göreme Open Air Museum, turn left at a small sign (forget what it says) and go along a dirt road.  Most people who are walking take the second road to the left that has no cars. But if you have a car it is easier to bypass the road walking and get into the heart of the valley by driving on the first road. 
Çavuşin Close-up
If it’s still early in the day and you have a car then drive all the way to Çavuşin, which we highly recommend.  There are some nice views of old troglodyte formations that you will not see from the main highway. If you go all the way, you enter the back streets of Çavuşin and eventually reach the highway. However, return half way back.

Rose Valley Hike

"Parking Lot" View
Rose Valley, or Güllüdere Vadisi in Turkish, is one of the best sights.  Go about half way along this road and park in the huge "dirt" parking lot that is favoured by the dirt bikes that are rented in town. This is not something you can ignore even with your rose-tinted glasses. You really don’t want to hear this noise or see this dust in what should be a tranquil place of nature. It really is contrary to the purpose of a national park.

Near the top of the sloping uphill lot is a steep drop and thus dramatic views. Instead of playing daredevil, park earlier and hike up the right hand side onto a steep ridge walk.

Bed of Roses

Kızılçukur View
The path leads to the very steep Kızılçukur Point with luxurious views.   It is a bit slippery (scree) at the very top.  But this was one of my favourite views.  From here there is about a 50 m elevation descent on the other side to the start of the Güllüdere trails. 

Right Twin
Left Twin

It is hard to find a decent hiking map though there are several sites with advice, such as Captivating Cappadocia - Hiking.   Probably the best map was given to us by the Vineyard Cave Hotel.

Güllüdere Trail

Rose-tinted Valley

Balloon and Roses

Bed of Roses

Everything’s Coming Up Roses

"Parking Lot" View
There are many places that one could visit in Turkey but the Cappadocia region is a must-see whatever else you plan to visit.  It is the 24th day of our 30-day odyssey to Turkey. Now that we have reached the final stage of our trip, we have to say we are happy with the advice we gave you in our Destinations and Seasons page and the choices we made in Our Recommended Turkey Itinerary page. 
Ottoman Yoruk
Too bad we didn’t come 30 years ago. Then there were only about three hotels in Göreme according to Hassan of the Vineyard Cave Hotel.   Where there are hotels today once stood orchards.  This is a Tourist Town now.  Right after breakfast we left for a seven hour drive to Safranbolu and Yoruk, two of our favourite places. 
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