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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Kaş Perfect Hideaway

Kaş - a Vacation from the Vacation

Kaş (pronounced cash) is a delightful, small town that we used as a base as well as chance to stay put for a few days, a vacation from the vacation.  There are many outdoors activities, Lycian Way Trail, boat tours and sightseeing to do within a short trip from Kaş.  

Turquoise Coast near Kaş

Shimmering Sea, Kalkan
From Patara the road heads inland and rejoins the coast at the resort of Kalkan and continues providing nice views the rest of the way to Kaş.  As usual the main highways are excellent in Turkey: the only problem is the lack of pullovers when you want to take photos. 

Captivating Kaputaş Beach
Definitely stop at the famous Kaputaş Beach.  Kaputaş (pronounced Ca-pu-tash) is another beautiful gem of the Turquoise Coast. However it is a narrow, cozy beach in a cove so it ranks behind Patara and Iztuzu Beach.

There were only two people here – ourselves – enjoying the gorgeous colours on a warm, sunny day. Supposedly, it is not that busy even during the season. The road is on a ledge above on the mountain side so there is very limited parking and a long set of stairs down to the beach. You can take a dolmuş or a taxi from Kaş.  

Kaş Cascading to the Sea

About 20 km (20 minutes) after Kaputaş Beach, we exit the main highway and get our first views of Kaş flowing down the coastal mountains to the harbour. 
Kaş Calling to You

 There is a nice little hillside park on the road heading down to the harbour where we stopped for a view. 

Ahmet, Hideaway Hotel, Kas
Ahmet, Hideaway Hotel

Hideaway Hotel, Kaş

Currently ranked the fourth best hotel in Kaş, we loved the Hideaway Hotel.  As we stated on our Trip Planning page, we prefer to stay at smaller family-run hotels and pensions. Unfortunately, we never met Marie and the children as they were away in Belgium. However, we had a great time talking with the owner, Ahmet, about many different topics.  At the end of the day we would meet Ahmet in the "living room" on the top floor next to the terrace.  

Kaş Cascade from Hideaway Hotel
Kaş Cascade from Hideaway Hotel
The terrace provides a view to go with your breakfast and the delicious cappuccino.  It is a great place to meet people, such as the young couple from Istanbul who came here just for a weekend to do some scuba diving.  In fact, Kaş is one of the top spots for scuba diving in Turkey. 

We had a very good room with views towards the sea through windows on two sides of the room.  The Hideaway Hotel is one of the best places we stayed at in Turkey so we highly recommend it for your perfect hideaway.

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