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Useful Books and Links


best books about Turkey, best web site for Turkey
During our round the world trip we have used books from Lonely Planet, Moon Handbooks and Rick Steves.  In Turkey (TR) we read the Moon book but did not buy it as it was out of date.  We took the following two books with us:


For on-line information, we have found the following sites to be useful:
  • Terra Encounters Website - more around the world travel and technical advice
  • Thorn Tree Forum - Turkey - which is part of Lonely Planet; 
  • In the TR forum we found contributors sarikanarya, swampeastmike and hobbitTR to be very helpful;   
  • Turkey from the Inside - the website of Pat Yale, Lonely Planet author. 
  • Turkey Travel Planner (TTP) is a very extensive web site by Tom Brosnahan.  Tom is a veteran guidebook author (over 40 guidebooks), travel writer and photographer, and consultant on travel information to companies and government agencies.
  • TTP Forum provides a place where you can post questions and comments. 
  • Turkish Alphabet provides pronunciation for certain letters in Turkish;
    e.g. c is "j"; ç is "ch"; and ş is "sh": so the town of Kaş is pronounced "cash". 
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